What is a Vexel Art? Easy Guide in 2023

Every new day we find new Art types maybe old type art or newly invented art. People who are interested in Art, they always curious to create or buy new art for themselves. Vexel art is one of the most famous and searched art types.

We see Vexel arts on social media, Someone’s Post or profile, and want to know about that art type.

If you are searching for vexel art details Like what is vexel art or How to create it this Guide helps you to find your answers.

You will find in this blog post:-

What is Vexel Art?

Vexel art is a style of digital art that uses raster-based techniques to create highly detailed and realistic images. It is a combination of “vector” and “pixel,” hence the term “vexel.”

Unlike traditional pixel-based digital art, vexel art involves the use of multiple layers of solid color shapes and gradients to produce intricate and lifelike illustrations.

Vexel artists typically work with software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, or GIMP to achieve the desired effects. The result is a visually striking artwork that resembles vector art but is created using raster-based tools.

Vexel art is created through your Portrait image. Artists get their portraits into software and start creating art with the help of Graphic tools.

A lot of people think this type of art is Tracing art or it can be easy to create but Vexel art is not Tracing art. This art is made with different graphic tools and to create it you have must knowledge about shading.

What is the difference between Vexel art and Vector Art?

Vexel art is a style of digital art that uses raster-based techniques with multiple layers of solid color shapes and gradients to create highly detailed and realistic images. On the other hand, vector art is created using vector-based software, like Adobe Illustrator, employing mathematical equations to produce images with smooth, scalable lines and shapes.

While both use vectors, vexel art is more similar to traditional pixel-based digital art, while vector art is purely based on mathematical equations, allowing for infinite scalability without loss of quality.

So if you create vexel art in low resolution it may be lost resolution while zooming your vexel art. Vector art is High-resolution art you can zoom it in 1000 Px and it’s not lost its resolution.

As I mentioned Vexel art could be created in High resolution and also Low resolution, so you can also create it in a vector.

Vexel art depends on Software, if you use Raster software for creating art your art Pixlet loses its resolution. If you create art in Vector software it becomes vector art.

Is Vexel art Hard?

If you are new, it becomes more difficult for you. For creating this you should know the graphic software, you use for making it.

this art is created with the help of a lot of graphic tools like Pen tools, Paths, Clipping masks, swatches, Color shading, and More. But if you are a Graphic designer or you have knowledge of Graphic tools, you can create this art with some days of practice.

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Who can Create Vexel Art?

Anyone who has skills in Graphics Tools and software also Color shading creates vexel art. Mainly Graphic designers create it at a fast speed.

But if you are Beginner you can learn to create this art and create yourself. Be sure you have Graphic software.

Best Software for creating vexel art?

Adobe Illustrator is the best software for creating any type of art. When you create any art in Illustrator it becomes Vector art and it cant be Pixeled.

Although you can use Adobe Photoshop to create This type of art, artwork created in Photoshop can be Pixelated and lose its quality. For creating any type of artwork, I will recommend Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and all other Adobe software are Paid. For using that software you should have an Adobe license.

Can I create Vexel art on a Smartphone?

A lot of smartphone applications provide features to create vexel art. But if you are creating that type of art on a smartphone, you should have a graphic Pen for creating perfect outlines.

Otherwise, you can create it with your fingers. Adobe Sketch is mostly used for Smartphone applications for using all types of artwork. Adobe Sketch is paid Android application.

How to Get My Personalized Art?

If you are not a designer you can hire a graphic artist for creating your personalized art. Also, you can find a freelancer for it on Fivver or Upwork.  Click Here To order your Personalized Artwork.

Recommended Services are on Microjobs Marketplace Please Check the artist description carefully and place an order according to your needs.

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